Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Year Resolutions - 2010

 Written by me for me:

1. Catch my first plump squirrel!
2. Catch my second plump squirrel
3. Catch my third plump squirrel
4. Catch my fourth plump squirre
5. Catch my fifth plump squirrel
6. Catch my sixth plump squirrel
7. Catch my seventh plump squirrel
8. Catch my eighth plump squirrel
9. Catch my ninth plump squirrel
10. Catch my tenth plump squirrel

Written by my person for me:

1. Never notice a plump squirrel
2. If I notice a plump squirrel, ignore it
3. If I can't ignore it, just look at it casually
4. If I can't be casual, let out a little bark
5. If I can't just bark once, bark a bunch of times
6. If I can't just bark, pull on the leash gently
7. If I can't just pull on the leash gently, pull a bit harder, but in no case actually rip off my person's arm
8. Never combine all 3 bad behaviors of barking crazily, pulling on the leash wildly, and jumping up and down in a manic frenzy
9. Even if I do all of the above when my person screams at me, stop immediately and sit quietly
10. At least look guilty after I demonstrate my rodent obsession and lick my person's face to tell her I am really, really sorry

1 comment:

  1. Aw, Bunny, those are ambitious plans, my dear! Best of luck! Cynthia, any way I can borrow "persons" resolutions?? -Cindy Swan