Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Pet Rat

Well last night was exciting.  For about 10 seconds I had a pet rat.  But then when I was playing with it I squeezed kind of hard and it stopped moving.  Oh well. 

See, what happened was my person had left the sliding glass door open so that we doggies could go in and out of the apartment onto the patio.  The grounds here at the apartment complex are covered with ivy.  Those of you that live in CA know that ivy and rats have an incredible law of attraction. person is on the phone in a conference call for work and I'm just minding my own business when a plump rat has the audacity to come into the apartment and make a run for the bird room!  Of course I jump in and do my duty and take care of business.  My person was actually talking to the other people on the phone and she had to take a little break to recover from the shock of having a large rodent run past her feet and then a super brave and talented and clever canine grab that rat and shake its little brains out. 

I then took that rat and carefully laid it by the door and sat quietly looking at my person.  I wasn't sure if she was going to be mad or not...she does not like my obsession with rodents.  But she was super happy!  She petted me and said I was a good dog -- maybe even a great dog.  The rat was lying over by the sliding glass door with its little feet in the air and it's long bare tail flat on the floor.  It had a brown body and a white tummy.  I thought it was kind of cute but my person quivered when she she took the broom and dustpan and pushed it into a paper bag and threw it outside. 

Today I sniffed around on the patio hoping that rat has some siblings.  Don't worry, it does.

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