Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Caught my first Plump Squirrel!

I'm doing great on my new year's resolutions!  Today I caught my first ever Plump Squirrel over in Rain's and Max's back yard.  Those Beagles were no help by the way -- they live there and never caught anything even with the two of them "hunting" together.

Now, I had promised to simply relocate the squirrels I catch to my Retirement Home for Plump Squirrels that I run out of my dog crate.  But this particular Plump Squirrel did not want to be re-homed and unfortunately, during our discussion, something bad happened (to him).

My person is not happy with me.  I'm confused because when I caught that other rodent, the one with the long bare tail, she said I was a great dog, but when I caught this rodent, the one with the bushy tail, she says I'm a bad dog.  Look at my expression.   I'm obviously broken-hearted over what happened.  (p.s. see that little gray blob?  oops.)

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