Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

Happy Holidays to all of my Kachinglers!  Today is a good day so far.  I went for a ride in the car with my person and later we are going to go for a long walk where I can see, if not catch, plump squirrels.

I got a bunch of squeaky toys from Santa Claus and killed off the soft plush one right away.  Buffy is still playing with the carcass.

Yesterday my person took Buffy and Pumpkin and me to Mitchell dog park and our cousins Music and Bandit came by with two of their people (Danielle and Erica) and my new little puppy buddy Sydney also showed up (with his people Bill and Vivian).  That was the first time Sydney had ever been to a dog park.   Wow, he's not shy that's for sure even though he's tiny -- even smaller than Buffy.

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