Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My blog earned $20.39 for the Humane Society SV in 2010!

How exciting! Thru Kachingle my blog earned real money for the Silicon Valley Humane Society in 2010!

Payments sent:
7/9/10:       $12.24
8/17/10:       $5.29
11/16/10:     $2.86

OK, not a lot a money, but I'm only a dog.

Imagine if I were a person and had Kachingle installed on my blog!

It's easy if you want to do this. If you have a blog or website just sign up for Kachingle, grab the Kachingle Medallion (widget), place it on your blog (only takes few minutes), and set the monthly monetary payout email address to  Kachingler contributions to your blog will then flow completely automatically to the HSSV.

Many thanks to my Kachinglers.

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